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CIS 210 Midterm Exam Week 5

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CIS 210 Midterm Exam Week 5

Question-1: In the preliminary investigation report, the ____ section contains the results of the preliminary investigation, including a description of the project’s scope, constraints, and feasibility.

Question-2: In a state transition diagram, the circle to the left is the final state.

Question-3: In a state transition diagram, the states appear as rounded rectangles with the state names inside.

Question-4: A class diagram resembles a horizontal flowchart that shows the actions and events as they occur.

Question-5: When the outcome of one use case is incorporated by another use case, we say the second use case uses the first case.

Question-6: When the outcome of one use case is incorporated by another use case, we say the second use case uses the first case.

Question-7: In a DFD, processes contain the business logic, also called business rules that transform the data and produce the required results.

Question-8: In the early stages of systems analysis, interviews usually focus on specific topics, but as the fact-finding process continues, the interviews are more general.

Question-9: The UML notation ____ identifies a zero or many relation.

Question-10: PERT/CPM and Gantt charts are mutually exclusive techniques.

Question-11: Using prior experience to make time and cost estimates works best for large projects.

Question-12: System developers can initiate a formal project as early as the preliminary investigation stage, or later on, as analysis, design, and implementation activities occur.

Question-13: A systems analyst needs ____.

Question-14: Problems with timetables and project milestones can indicate ____.

Question-15: In the model of the SDLC shown in the accompanying figure, during ____, the new system is constructed.

Question-16: In the model of the SDLC shown in the accompanying figure, during ____, the IT staff maintains, enhances, and protects the system.

Question-17: Few nondiscretionary projects are predictable.

Question-18: The first step in evaluating feasibility is to accept and include all systems requests, even those that are not feasible.

Question-19: Economic activity has little influence on corporate information management.

Question-20: Structured English might look familiar to programming students because it resembles ____, which is used in program design.

Question-21: In the accompanying figure, the sequence structure is the completion of ____.

Question-22: A data dictionary specifies a data element’s ____, which is the set of values permitted for the data element.

Question-23: In a data dictionary, some data elements have ____ rules, such as an employee’s salary must be within the range defined for the employee’s job classification.

Question-24: A ____, such as Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Organizer, can help manage meetings, interviews, appointments, and deadlines and provide a personal calendar and a to-do list, with priorities and the capability to check off completed items.

Question-25: A common tool for showing the distribution of a questionnaire or sampling results is a vertical bar chart called a(n) ____.


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