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CIS 558 Week 6 Assignment 2 Software Engineering

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CIS 558 Week 6 Assignment 2 Software Engineering


Realizing that an organization’s CMMI level impacts an organization’ s success on requests for proposals (RFPs), your CIO wants to get the software development processes to CMMI level 3. Your organization has started developing software applications and database systems for their customers. The CIO wants to ensure that the software development and database development processes are being properly managed and audited, and he wants to ensure that the organization begins taking the necessary steps to progress to CMMI level 3. In preparation for your response, review the CMMI information available at the Carnegie Mellon Website.

IT managers will commonly manage software development and systems integration activities. Write a 3-4 pages paper in which you:

  • Describe the software engineering process, the challenges in managing software development activities, and the potential interface issues from the software development perspective.
  • Analyze the CMMI levels and define a roadmap that the organization will ned to follow in order to get their software development processes to CMMI level three. Note: This is important because the CMMI level that an organization achieves impacts their software development reputation.
  • Explain the auditing tasks that must be performed in order to achieve level 3.
  • Determine the continuous assurance auditing activities that the organization will need to implement to help achieve CMMI level three.
  • Analyze the ITIL service management guidelines and principles.
  • Examine how ITIL service management practices relate to CMMI levels and continuous service auditing.
  • Use at least four (4) quality resources in this assignment.


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CIS 558 Week 6 Assignment 2 Software Engineering

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  • gallantkellly
  • Questions : 147
  • Solutions : 336
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Effective xx growth xxxxxxxxx and x powerful xxxxxxxxxx IT xxxxxxxx are xxxxxxxxxx parts xxx superior xxxxxxxx engineering xxxxxxxx Also, x necessary xxxxxxxxxx accountability xx to xxxx at xxx association xxx assess xxx present xxxxxxxxxxx as xxxx as xxxxxxxxxx to xxxxxx its xxx aims. xxxxx so xxxxxxxxxxx this xxxxxxxxxx directs xx a xxxx at xxx individual xxxxxxx and xxxxx performance. xx be xxxxx effective, xxxxxxxxxxxx are xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (CMMI) xxxx is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Maturity xxxxx Integration”, x method xxxxxxxxxxx model xxxx can xx adapted xx resolve xxxx performance xxxxxxx at xxx level xx an xxxxxxxxxxx in xxx business. xxx Model xxxxx guidelines xx well xx recommendations xxx assisting xxxxxxxxxx diagnose xxxxxxxx and xxx better xxxxxxxxxxxx When xxx managerial xxxxxxxxxxx is xxx at xxx stage xxxxx it xxxxxx be, xx well xx the xxxxxxxxxx reveals xxxxxxx are xxx in xxxxx towards xxxxxxx the xxxxx then x choice xxx to xx made xxxxxxxxx adopting xxxx as xxxx as xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxx and xxx processes xx the xxxxxxxxxx The xxxxxx of xxxx research xxxxxxxx is xx explain xxx software xxxxxxxxxxx method, xxx challenges xx supervision xxxxxxxx growth xxxxxxxxxxx as xxxx as xxx potential xxxxxxxxx problems xxxx the xxxxxxxx growth xxxxxxxxxxxx The xxxxx paper xxxx also xxxxx CMMI xxxxxx as xxxx as x formed x roadmap xxx association xxxx need xx follow xx direct xx get xxxxx software xxxxxx processes xxxxxxx CMMI xxxxx three. xxxxxxxxxxxx I xxxx give xxxxxxx the xxxxxxxx tasks xxxx should xx performed xx direct xx achieve xxxxx three xxx choose xxx continuous xxxxxxx auditing xxxxxxxxxx that xxx association xxxx need xx execute xx assist xxxxxxx CMMI xxxxx three. x will xxxx analyze xxx ITIL xxxxxxx supervision xxxxxxxxxx as xxxx as xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx how xxxx service xxxxxxxxxxx practices xxxxxxx to xxxx levels xxx incessant xxxxxxx auditing.

Describe xxx software xxxxxxxxxxx process, xxx challenges xx managing xxxxxxxx development xxxxxxxxxxx and xxx potential xxxxxxxxx issues xxxx the xxxxxxxx development xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx direct xxx software xx be xxxxxx well xxxxxxxxxxx its xxxxxx must xx conducted xx an xxxxxxxx process. xx is xxxx of xxx times xxxxxxxx for x little xxxxxxxx creation xx be xxxxxxxxx devoid xx a xxxxxxxxxxxx method. xxxxxxxxxxx for x software xxxxxxx of xxxx substantial xxxxx connecting xxxx than x few xxxxxxxxx a xxxx method xxx essential. xxx method xxx be xxxxxxxx as x road xxx with xxxxx the xxxxxxx contributors xxxxxxxxx where xxxx are xxxxx as xxxx as xxx they xxx going xx acquire xxxxxx (google., xxxxxxxxxxx


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