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CIS 560 Assignments Week 4 and Week 5

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CIS 560 Assignments Week 4 and Week 5

Week 4 Discussion

"Physical Security Access"  Please respond to the following IN YOUR OWN WORDS:

Assume you are interviewing for the position of IT Security Manager.  The Chief Security Officer hands you the case from our e-activity and asks you to suggest ways that the data center could have prevented the intruders from being able to enter the building. She also asks you to determine which of these methods is the most predictable and explain why.  What is your response?

Later in the interview, she asks you to propose some methods that could be applied to data protection even if assets like servers, laptop computers, and tablets were stolen. She asks you which of these methods you believe would be the most effective and why.  What is your response?



Week 5 Discussion

"Enterprise Access Control"  Please respond to the following IN YOUR OWN WORDS:

Read the article in the e-Activity.  It suggests that many medical facilities may have been complacent about data security.  If your were a CSO (Chief Security Officer) or CCO (Chief Compliance Officer) of a facility that did not have good access controls, what steps would you take to bring your facility into compliance? Explain whether you believe health care should or shouldn’t be accessible via mobile devices, and why or why not.


Assignment 2: Single Sign-On Access

Some business and organizational network infrastructures consist of multiple systems from the same or different vendors to provide, conduct, process, and execute various business functions. Some employees must access one or more of these systems using valid access credentials (username and password). Logging in and out of each system whenever access is desired can become a problem for most users. Businesses and organizations have resorted to using Single Sign-On (SSO) for user authentication and authorization.

Write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you:

  1. Analyze at least five (5) problems experienced by employees in an enterprise where Single Sign-On (SSO) has not been implemented.
  2. Some businesses and organizations use Active Directory (AD) to provide SSO access to the enterprise. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of using AD for SSO access.
  3. Some businesses and organizations use Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LADP) to provide SSO access to the enterprise. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of using LADP for SSO access.
  4. Compare and contrast a Kerberos-based SSO configuration to a smart card based configuration in terms of:

a.      configurability

b.     established standards

c.      implementation challenges

d.     cost

  1. Use at least three (3) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources. 


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