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Public Relations Paper

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Public Relations Paper Outline:

You need to locate 5 articles and books on the topic of public relations to supplement the textbook readings. Go to the Amberton Library page and look at EBSCO. These indexes will lead you to the appropriate articles. You should only select scholarly research articles.  You will be able to identify those articles because they will be academic journals. Often they have journal, communication, or research in the topic. Avoid popular magazines like Redbook, Ebony, or Ladies Home Journal.  You may also use the on-line books located on e-brary and net-library.

You may use the correct APA or MLA format. See the writing guidelines for this course. You need to include the web hyperlink the web pages.  If you use a book, then you must attach a file with a copy of the title page.

Information Literacy Rubric


Excellent (3)

Acceptable (2)

Unacceptable (1)

Determine the Extent of Information Needed

Demonstrates the ability to locate and use 5 sources directly relevant to the topic from scholarly sources. These sources must be on the topic of the paper.  They cannot be general resources.

Demonstrates the ability to locate 8-9 sources relevant to the topic.

The literature review has fewer than 8 sources.

Access the Needed Information

Sources are relevant, balanced, and thorough in scope. The logic for source selection is apparent.

Topics are supported with conceptual depth and strength.

The paper must cover all the major areas of the topic in depth.

Most sources target the topic. Some sources are bias or lack precision, verification, or purpose. The discussion varies in quality and extent of coverage of study.  The quality and relevance of the sources selected vary.  Not all the areas of the paper are thoroughly developed.

Sources were too vague, general, or irrelevant. The quality and relevance of the sources is poor

Evaluate Information and its Sources Critically

The information included is scholarly and relevant to the literature review. The sources selected are scientific and not popular option.

The information includes has both scholarly material and some material written only on the basis of personal opinion. 

The material included is lacking in scholarly respectability. The information included is incomplete, inconsistent, or inaccurate. 

Use Information Effectively to Accomplish a Specific Purpose

The review of the website is thorough and focused It was well organized and easily understood.  It uses terminology appropriate to the discipline.  It presents the material with a scholarly tone.

The sources reviewed are appropriate to the study.  The paper may not be logically organized or some sections may lack development.

The literature review is unprofessional including poor quality sources, poor organization, and missing information. The material may be used inappropriately or poorly organized.  The writing style may vary throughout the paper.

Access and Use Information Ethically and Legally--

Paper includes no plagiarism and documents correctly.

The literature review includes extensive documentation using the APA and MLA format.  The sources are documented in the paper and in the references. The electronic sources are hyperlinked to the references.  The books are supported with copies of the titles pages hyperlinked to the references.  Demonstrates a full understanding of ethical and legal restrictions on the use of information.

The literature review is document in the paper and in the references, but includes some minor documentation issues.  This paper would include no major unethical or illegal uses of the information.

The literature review lacks documentation in the paper or references. Does not demonstrate a full understanding of the ethical and legal l restrictions on the use of information. The literature review may include plagiarism.


Paper Outline:

Choice of organization or business Research

purpose of the organization/business

organizational scope (community, state, nation, or global basis)

Issues/crisis situations


Online communication strategies as seen in the organization’s official website:

Evaluation/Using the text and research (This is where the scholarly research is addressed in a literature review type section of the paper)

Final Thoughts/critique

PRESENTATION: The presentation should be 10 minutes.

Describing highlights of your paper to the class.  Discuss your findings about the organization, website, and relate it to the course – textbook and research for the paper.







The student presents a creative and engaging presentation with eye contact, good posture, appropriate gestures and movement.

Student may have had good presentation skills, but the paper was lacking in creativity or the student presented a creative project, but had trouble with his or her presentational skills.

The student read the project to the class.


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